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Rise up

Stop doing adds


This was the best game I had ever downloaded 😎😎😎


To many adddssss I know u need to make money but come on besides that I really like this game it can get aggravating but really cool game I actually saw this game from a add which is convenient but yeah I like the game

Fun but TOTALLY inappropriate ads

My kids like this game but ads are not appropriate at all. For example, an ad for Episode with the scenario “My husband’s not home and the delivery man comes to the door. Should I accept the package or let him in?” with an alluring cartoon image of the flirting woman. Seriously. Will delete the app before I pay bc this is just the wrong app for that level of advertising.

F this game

This game is way to hard for a 3 year old

hard game but worth it

it’s fun, but hard try #323.... 1082 🤘🏻


I love this game, but it has too many adds! As soon as I die a stupid add pops up. THE GAME I ALREADY HAVE!!!!!!

Good 😜😜😜

I like this game but it is a little hard but you will get used to it I like this game a lot

Eggs make me cry

Eggs really make me cry

Reached 1,000 on my first try so thanks?

I guess I’m 1%

Ads way too long

Dude! You’re literally playing the game max 30 seconds at a time then watching 1 min 30 seconds of ads. Bad ratio for users (great I’m sure for their monetization.) Give us the option to pay for your app for no ads. The game itself is a fine concept with fun physics.


Super awesome


Cool. It's cool.

Don’t waste your time

Fun for 10 minutes. Stupid after that.

Needs work read review

When I first got this game it was fun but now it is the worst app ever. it was easy but now it is really really hard and I have not been playing it very long but I used to love it when it was not so hard.I am only giving it three stars because it is still fun if you do not play the challenges.maybe make a cheats app for it.I agree with bad/good report. it is hard.


It is great

I’m so freaking addicted to this game!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Me when my dad tells me to turn it off: ok... *still plays game in bed* YOU HAVE ME ADDICTED TO THIS GAME!! AHHHH!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Good job on the game! Love it


This game is so addicting and I just got it


The game is challenging but fun.If you want to download it you should know,the game dose have tons of adds.But overall it’s a good game 😃😃😃


This game is hard but this game is fun u should play this game👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾😃


ads ads ads a ads


It is a fun game but there are way to many commercials

To much adds

You have way to much adds

Little hard

It is a little hard for the first and second round because it’s a little hard to get used to if you know what I mean

Not a good as I thought

I saw an add for this game and tried it yet it’s not as good as it says it is I thought it would be a good game on the go but is super hard to control sometimes and is just not what I thought..




All my friends wanted to play and I said now it’s so cold

Rise up

This game is so awesome. Someone would love to lay this. It’s kind of hard though but it is still fun. Congratulations this is so so so fun to play this awesome game with the family. Thank you so much!!!!!😄😄😄😄 To:game maker From:Debra Martinez

I luv it

I love it 9/10. What? Yeah 9/10. It’s hard for some levels and no updates really....when there is they are little.


This game is awesome it’s most best game in the entire world I love this game please make another one that’s even better or the same but just please make one it’s awesome and I tried finding five stars on the Dino title but I couldn’t so I put Easter album and Dino bites though I love it please make another one and send it to me and send me like like an email or something but please just send me like whatever hurts I really really want to know when your next game comes out and I want to know what edit or all of your games they’re awesome by great game.👶🏻👦🏻👧🏻👩🏻👱🏻‍♀️👨🏻🧔🏻👴🏻👵🏼🧓🏻👱🏻‍♂️🧑🏻🧒🏻💪🏼💍👋🏻👌🏿🤝👊🏿👍🏿🤘🏿🤟🏿😻😺😸😽😹


Too many ads

Fix this!

The game keeps glitching me out of the app! Other than that it’s pretty fun


I love this game. It’s my first day playing and I’m past level 16 on challenge mode! It’s so addicting. Also, people, the ads? They were annoying, I can admit, but literally all you have to do is turn off WiFi and Cellular Data and boom, no ads at all. Anyway, great game, keep it up!

Great But One Thing

I love this game❤️❤️ It’s not hard to learn, and very simple overall. But one thing... There’s one challenge that requires you to move these giant balls with your circle thing. It is impossible to do. Never met anybody that can do it, *smh*. Fix this please.💔


So much fun 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

This is great

I love this game!!!

Fun but.....

This game is great and all, but the ads are REALLY annoying. For me, when the add was over, it displays the ad right? But then, the x is so small, each time I click it, I get taken to the App Store. I do it a few times then double click the home button. Then I find out Rise Up wasn't opened anymore. I don't even know how it closed! Please, stop these ads because they're RLLY annoying! And when I say really, I mean REALLY REALLY annoying!

Rise up review

I play a lot of video games but I probably play rise up on mobile more than all of then it is very addicting and I love playing it to pass the time

Rise Up

It is a great game it is just a little frustrating when you fail


Lovvelyyads tyyvm. Its. Like. I have.10099. Games. 📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰


When ever I am playing the circle always moves by itself and it moves way up on the screen 👎👍👎👍👎👍👎👍👎👍👎👍👎

Thank you

This game is the best game I ever had ❤️❤️great job😘😘😘😀😃😀😃


It’s a cool addicting game but a little boring

Love this game!!

I absolutely love this game... it’s full of skill and surprisingly the ads aren’t as bad as they seem..... I do however have one thing about this game that I don’t love and that is that the game can sometimes be a little glitchy which kinda annoys me. Maybe that’s just my phone iPad though... overall this game is fine.

Rise up

Rise up is a pretty good fun app but you have to be in a way quick and patient. 🙂😃☺️😊😉


This game is so addicting and it’s as good as the ad you see! I’ve wanted to get this game for so long but kept on forgetting and then finally I DID!!! I love it so much and that is why rated it 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ AMAZING 😉

wayyyy too many ads

this game is fun i can’t lie, but you have to watch a dumb ad after every game and it’s so annoying

Way to many ads

So many ads that I can’t enjoy this game... it’t really unfortunate.. what a waste.. uninstalled...

AWESOME GET GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good game this is the best game of all time rise up is awesome! Hey you it’s free some other games like this plus a bunch dollars but this game is awesome!

Love it

It’s so fun

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