Rise Up App Reviews

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Pretty nice

The game and the mechanics are fun and really well developed. There may be some instances where you wonder why that object just came out of nowhere. The adds are so bad though. After every game I get a 40 second add that’s irritating. Game is good. Make sure you have airplane mode on though while playing

Too many ads

Too many ads but overall it was a fun game and you should try it too.

It’s amazing

5🌠soooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooooodddd

Good Game BUT !

Good fun game but to many adds to sit through. Deleted It


This app has a ballon so yeah

Me encanta este. Juego

Es desesperante hahahahahahaha me justa

Too many ads

This game is less focused on making a quality game than making money. Every two attempts most likely you will have to watch a ad. Not worth the time, don’t get this game

Add purchase option

Let me buy the game to remove adds. I'll change my review.

Ellie blessing

It was a fun game but there was so many adds and that was really annoying.

Rise up

Great game

@smart balloon 🤓

This app is Awesome 😎

Rise up

It’s a very tricky game. The only really bad part about it is the ads! The ads are quite annoying. Everytime when your balloon pops you get an ad.

Challenging and fun

Fun game, just way too many adds. It’s actually challenging, so I keep coming back.

Fun but...

.. Rise up is a really fun and addictive game but for me and other beginners I think the levels get a little to hard to early. I think you should start of small till level 5 then get harder and harder by the level. There’s also a little too many ads, every two pops of the ballon there’s an advertisement and I know you get money for it but may you change it to like 2 ads every 5 losses. Other than that, Rise Up is a really great game and I recommend this game for everyone❤️


Constant adds after every attempt make this game completely unplayable for me.

Fun but too many ads. Ads longer than gameplay.

Reduce ads please and I will reinstall. 🙂

Great game

This is a great game because it’s really fun and kind of easy game if you try hard you can get to level 45 😊❤️

Best game ever. But very hard.

I love this game and I play it everyday. But it is surprisingly very hard. The only time I did my best throughout the whole thing was when I got to level 5. I know you think I am really bad at this game but I bet other people are not so good at this game ether. I have to admit that I love this game and that nothing will go above it or rise above it pun intended.❤️❤️❤️❤️👌👌👌👌👌👌😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😎😎😎😎😎😎💜💜💜💙💙💙💙💚💚💚🖤🖤🖤❤️❤️❤️🧡🧡💛💛💛💟💟💟💟💟💟💗💗💗💗💖💖💖💘💘💘💓💓💓💓💞💞💞💕💕💕💕🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

Way too many ads

I understand that you need to make money from this but this is way to many ads


Rise is pretty fun but if you hit an obstacle that you are not good at and you pop your balloon the app puts you right where you left off!! And they only do it for the ones you die on!!😫😫, so maybe you could change that🤷‍♀️

Add heavy

I doing this through a add on another game and yes the levels do get hard but I enjoy it. But specifically this and snake vrs block are very add heavy and it’s only the same 3 adds which get very irritating. I understand it’s a free app but out of 10 the adds are at 11. After about every round I double tap just to skip the add.

Don’t like the game

I don’t like the game it is so hard and frustrating I hate it because it is soooooooo hard

Good game but ads are horribly designed.

Would be fun if the ads were skippable. Also Hulu I will never buy your service out of spite.

Ads :(

Would be a good game, but for the advertisements EVERY SINGLE TIME you start over. Stupid.

Not Jeff approved

Meh name Jeff. Jeff thinks rose up is too hard. My citezins also think rise up is hard. Pls don’t make it more hard. Overall it is fun while Jeff is doing nothing, it is too hard and makes Jeff frustrated and makes Jeff quit quickly. This game is not Jeff approved


It’s fun and addicting

Awful, just awful

Your ad said “best game of 2018” tell that to Fortnite

Worst app ever

This game has so many adds!!after you die you have to watch a add!!and then sometimes you just go on safari and just go on a random website !!play this game if you like adds🐲🐲

Annoying app

This app seems all fun but literally right after your balloon pops there’s always adds so u can’t keep playing and playing it’s annoying. If u want to watch 300 adds a day then get this app I guess

My review

This game is really fun if you could download any free app I’d suggest you download rise up keep up the good work rise up

The best game in the whole entire universe

Rise up is the best games you will ever play in your life even my grandmother play and can’t stop it’s a perfect distraction for a boring day or a stressful day five you need to play it

It’s kinda garbage

Boring and overplayed adds

An overall good game

This is a very fun (and addicting) game. I think that the game is pretty easy, as my high score is 2526. If you think there are too many adds, just turn off WiFi or turn on airplane mode. Some levels are tricky but after a while it gets easy (strategy is important).


This game is so fun I am not a person game but this game is mad me a game person cute.😍😍👏👌🎮🎮

Really fun

So amazing


This is a fun game very addictive but It crashes every 2 challenges so please try to fix that also how is this top 1 and fortnite top 2 when this has 4.3 stars and fortnite 4.6

So cool 😎

More like best game of 2018 Vodoo is the best awesome games I have all your games just want to let you know:-) 😎 😎👍😎👍😎😍😍😍🙂😃😀😄😁😆😅😂🤣😇🙂🙃☺️😌😍😋😝😛😜🤪🤓😎🤩😏🤤👏🤝🤟👊✌️👍🤜👌🏻☝️✋👈🤟🤘🤝👋🤙👅👀 five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ at least that’s what I’d give it :-)⛄️☀️🌈☂️

Fun but not

The game it self is REALLY fun and it was made very well. But, one thing I don’t like is their are adds every time you fail on the game!!! Which understand they might be sponsors but I just wish their were little to no adds.

Hard but FUN

When I saw the add I had a good feeling and I also called it!😃😎

Fun yet hard (and addictive )

Rise up is a fun game .it is hard.It is simple and addictive and Enjoyable.like how I want any game on iPhone 2 be like.but it could be improved.

What makes me mad

I love this game but there two things that annoy me so much: when you hit the continue with an ad you usually don’t get to continue. The second thing is they support the AWFUL game, kick the buddy, it is so violent and terrible. I HATE that game so much it makes me want to give only bad reviews and delete this game.😡

Rise up

This game is the best but it’s kinda hard I have beat level 10 and 11 it’s really fun


good game lots of adds


10% gameplay, 90% ads.

Good game...inappropriate ads for 4+ years of age

This game is advertised for 4 years of age and older. The in game advertisements are very inappropriate for children!!!

Good game 🤩

Don’t get me wrong, I love this game! It’s nice how you guys thought this through. Despite how much I love this game, everything has it’s own con, and that’s not bad. They’re just lessons to be learned later on. A note to all of you freaking out- remember, because this app is still new, I bet you my freakin’ PHONE that they’ll come up with new updates. Stay! Cool! Follow these simple steps, editors, and you’ll have a flawless game. 1. Many people are complaining about glitches. I suggest you should work this out before you go on fixing the whole game, or else your updates may be glitchy. 2. Another complaint worldwide is that the levels are too hard. I recommend having a skip button available for every time you complete a full stage. This way, if things get too hard, anybody could just tap the skip button and Boom- their troubles are gone. They’re carried up to level 2!!! (I wish I could make that number bold :c) *chorus of angels* 3. Another aggravating complaint is that the controls are too touchy. I agree with this, but it’s kind of temporary. You shouldn’t go deleting the game right away because you’re all sensitive, like: “I’m sooo frustrated! I’m going to bang on the keyboard and break my phone because I want completely perfect games! Mistakes are not acceptable! *screams with the rage of an oversized gorilla* AAAAAAAAAAAA” because you can get USED to it and get the heck over it! Again, mistakes aren’t bad. They’re just lessons! 4. Personal complaint; I think that there should be a little more skins for your balloon, but other than that, there’s really just a tidbit I’d like to add. 5. PLEASE add more than just a balloon to protect. My eyes are starting to burn whenever I see a balloon. No offense, but if I where you, I’d add something like a bird to protect. Thank you for your patience, and have a nice day! Oops, that was on a category. Again, thank you for your patience and have a good day!

I’ve only been able to play it once

It’s a fun game but I’ve only ever gotten it to load once! Has anyone else had this issue? Everytime I open it, it takes forever to load and then doesn’t even load at all. I just get stuck on the title screen. I wish I could play more cause it does seem to be a pretty fun game, but if this keeps happening I’m just going to delete it

Rise Up

It’s a really good game

Thank you

Llllllllllloooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeee iiiiiittttttt

I hate this app

This game is hard and not fun at all

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